mominredWelcome to Dorothy Churchill’s Adventures.

My husband Sam Churchill and I retired in Astoria in 1974, and for a period of nearly twenty years we regularly traveled around the Northwest and elsewhere. This is a record of those travels.

These travel booklets are available here online – but they can also be downloaded (free), to print out or take with you on a mobile device. Just click on the Word or pdf file. The pdf document, however, has the pages out of sequence – it is designed to print out on both sides, then fold and staple together as a booklet. The .mobi file can be downloaded and will display on a Kindle or be read by a Kindle app.


— Dorothy Churchill, Rainier, Oregon, 2013

My Travel Booklets:

Astoria Daytrips:

Books by Dorothy Churchill:

  • Quotes & Notes. Dorothy Churchill’s daily diary of quotes and reflections.

    Each day begins with an entertaining or thoughtful quote, guaranteed to make your year more rewarding.

    This book started in 2012 as project to document “the end of the world” as some people believed the Mayans predicted.

    In truth is was a good excuse to gather all my favorite aphorisms and words of wisdom that have kept me on track all these years.

    I added my own reflections on each of these quotes — a new one every day.

  • 95 Years in 95 Pages. This is the story of my life – one page for every year.

    From the top of a long life of 95 years, the glow and flow of life as it bumps along through two World Wars, a depression, child birth and old age, paints a vivid picture. It’s dotted with news from around the world, and written like a diary.

    I was born in Sunnyside Washington, in November 1918, at the height of the influenza pandemic and now live comfortably in Rainier, Oregon, at 95 years old.

Other writing by Dorothy Churchill:

Sheller Stories: A collection of short stories by historian Roscoe Sheller:

Rest in Peace: Dorothy Louise Churchill (Sheller), 1918-2014

Mom passed away quietly in her sleep on August 7, 2014, at age 95 (and a-half). Her passing was as she wanted it. Mom lived a vital, engaged and joyous life right up to the last. She deteriorated quickly in August, 2014, and spend the last 4 days in a Longview Hospice where she was treated with grace and love. Many of her cherished friends visited with her in the last days.

She will be eternally grateful for her many friends. They inspired her to see and celebrate the love and beauty that surrounds us.

Thank you all!

— The Churchill Family.

Celebration of the Life of Dorothy Churchill

Here’s her obituary in the Daily Astorian.

BigSamBooks by Sam Churchill:

  • Big Sam: The true story of a timberman and his family in the heyday of Northwest logging.

    A best selling Doubleday book that brings Northwest logging history to life.

    Sam Churchill was born in 1911 in Astoria, Oregon, 20 miles from the Western Cooperage logging camp where his father, “Big Sam”, lived during the height of the west coast’s timber era.

    Sam wrote two books, Big Sam and Don’t Call Me Ma. Both describe his formative years growing up in isolated lumber camps.

    Sam was married to Dorothy Churchill for more than 50 wondrous years.

  • Say It Again, Sam: Gold that is buried, is still gold. Mine some of Sam Churchill’s golden treasures as a newspaper columnist in Yakima, Washington from 1951 to 1974.

Short stories from Say It Again, Sam (read them free, here):

Other Churchill Websites:


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